Good Evening Lovelies,

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 5th, is the second 24 hour writeathon for WordsOnThePageAThon!

My personal checklist…

  1. Coffee (lots and lots of coffee)
  2. Snacks (preferably almonds)
  3. Music (headphones and a 100% charged phone included)
  4. Red Pens (for editing)
  5. Paper (for random thoughts)
  6. Plot Outline & Story Notes
  7. Dog Treats (for the puppy!)
  8. Laptop
  9. Laptop recharger
  10. Flashdrive (to back up all my hard work!)

How are you preparing to write? Be sure to let me know about your writeathon experiences using the hashtag #wordsonthepageathon!

Good Luck, Writers!



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