Camp NaNoWriMo ended and I was (thankfully) able to get a lot of words written.

This July went really well for me and, in all honesty, I truly needed it to. This November, I will be working on my dissertation, so I’m truly glad that I made creative progress this summer. I may try to do NaNoWriMo again (November 2017), but I’m not sure if I will have the same amount of success given the additional variables. Personally, I love the camping options – the time of year is more beneficial (with less going on between school, work, and the holidays) and feels much less stressful. Make sure you tell me which NaNo event you prefer.

I would love to do another wordsonthepageathon 24 hour writeathon to kick off the official NaNoWriMo. Shall we pencil in the first Saturday in November (the 4th) for the next writeathon? Hopefully, I will be writing then!




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