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“In a romance, when our hero and heroine lose the one they love and realize they can’t live without them, they understand they must change in order to get what they want.”

– “How to Write a Brilliant Romance: The easy, step-by-step method of crafting a powerful romance (Brilliant Writer Series Book 3)” by Susan May Warren

Warren went on to write, “The Breakup happens when the hero’s or heroine’s wound is reopened (it may be one or both), and it is too painful for them to remain together. They believe that nothing can heal that wound, and they will forever be single.”

In romance novels, not all romance novels but a good portion of them, the couple breaks up at some point in the narrative. There is a moment of doubt in their connection, their love’s endurance, someone’s devotion, etc. It happens. I’ve read this scene over and over again. The heroine thinks the hero cheated on her. The hero thinks he isn’t good enough for the heroine. The families of the couple intervene and mess things up. There is no limit to how they break up, but they usually do.

This shows the couple is relatable and realistic. People aren’t perfect. Relationships aren’t perfect. The moment of “doubt,” aka the breakup, lends itself to show insecurities, thus, in turn, the human nature of your characters. Take advantage of this. Write this moment. And write it well. Be creative. Show the reasons why the relationship works. Why there isn’t anyone else for these characters. Use this moment to your advantage.

Your couple doesn’t have to break up. They might be holding hands the entire novel without arguing. (Stories vary!) But they should overcome some obstacle. Maybe they don’t “breakup,” but their relationship needs to challenged in some way, shape, or form. Love needs to be earned in a romance novel. Make your couple earn it!

Stay kind + creative & make today a great reading + writing day!




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