Hello Everyone!
In honor of the upcoming NaNoWriMo season (yes, it is fast approaching), I thought I would make a video discussing my NaNo essentials. My number one requirement is caffeine…lots and lots of caffeine. Coffee! Coffee! COFFEE! (<- insert Gilmore Girls reference here.)

One of the (only) perks of having NaNoWriMo right after Halloween is the discounted candy and the pre-Christmas sugary-treats. So on those late nights (which you will undoubtably have), you will have access to plenty of sugar.

I also think you should invest in a hard drive or flash drive to back up your work (on a regular basis). If you spent hours on a project, you don’t want to loose your progress. (Sadly, some good ideas are hard to remember after you’ve already implemented them.) I have had lots of computer issues in the past and would not want anyone to have the same technology-related headaches I suffered through. Try and make writing as positive of an experience as possible!

What are your NaNoWriMo (or even your regular writing) essentials?



  1. Besides what you listed, a small notebook and pen/cil to take with me everywhere I go during November in case I find time to write (or have an idea I have to get down). And for the first time this year, an Alphasmart Neo, which may just change my whole month (or it may not…who knows?).

    Good luck with your NaNo!

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      1. Yes, I am! I still have about a lot of somewhat complicated prep work ahead of me, but I’m really excited about NaNo (because, when am I not?)


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