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The November writing challenge is coming! (Hides behind a massive bookcase.) This NaNoWriMo is certainly going to be a *challenge*. I have multiple projects that I am working on (ranging in genre and style) and I am also trying to work on my PhD dissertation proposal…which is a lot of work in itself. In order to try to jump start the writing challenge, November 4th, WordsOnThePageAThon is becoming even more important. I have officially blocked off that entire day.

Adobe Spark (19).jpgNo matter what anyone asks me to do, projects professors assign, or appointments that need to be made, I am going to spend that entire day writing. November 4th is a day of writing! Who wants to join the writeathon? I will be posting updates throughout the day using the hashtag: #wordsonthepageathon. I invite you to post along with me:)

Keep Writing!

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