Dane Cobain just posted his WordsOnThePageAThon experience, “Buddy Reads and WordsOnThePageAThon!”

I thought it (WordsOnThePageAThon) ‘d be a pretty good excuse to finish my rewrites on Netflix and Kill, which I recently got back from my editor, and also to crack on with the first draft of Meat, a work-in-progress which is set on a factory farm. Meat is at 55,000 words and isn’t even at the halfway point, so WordsOnThePageAthon was the perfect excuse to give me a little nudge in the right direction.

Be sure to read his complete post here.

It is amazing to see not only people taking part in WordsOnThePage, but succeeding with this writing challenge. Congratulations Dane!!

If you took part in WordsOnThePageAThon, be sure to tell me about your writing experiences down in the comment section.

Congratulations to all WordsOnThePage Writers. No Matter What, Keep Writing!

All the Best!


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