Hello Everyone!

Congratulations to everyone who added to their stories. You are making progress in your writing journeys and that is incredible. I am so proud of you.

Today, I wanted to share some WordsOnThePageAThon vlogs. Megan and Dane (two amazing people) both vlogged throughout their experiences. Be sure to watch their videos.


WordsOnThePageAThon, January | 24HR VLOG… ALMOST


DUNEUARY! (Plus WordsOnThePageAthon, Buddy Reads and more)

Writing 12k+ Words in 24 Hours! [WordsOnThePageAthon]

Also, Nicole from Who Picked this Book and myself hosted a livestream during WordsOnThePageAThon. Here is the video in case you missed it!

Nicole and Angela’s Write-In that Became a Conversation about Writing

If you wrote during WordsOnThePageAThon, be sure to tell me about your experience in the comment section.

Congratulations¬†WordsOnThePageAThon Writers!! Keep Writing and Working on Your Stories! I can’t wait to read them someday.

All the Best!


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