Hello Writers!

How goes your creative journeys? If you are anything like me, you have a lot going on in your life. Currently, I’m earning my PhD, working for one of my professors, balancing life, and writing. Sometimes a little inspirational boost is necessary.

My latest attempt to help make sure I get my words on the page is a unique writing inspired screensaver that I made myself via Adobe Spark.

Here is My Background: Adobe Spark (93).jpg

I used to have a background from NaNoWriMo. Before that, I had my dog (since he always makes me smile). I find this screensaver helps me to think about my stories on a regular basis, even if I’m just checking my emails. Every time I open my laptop, there it is! Inspiration.

How do you keep yourselves motivated to write? Be sure to let me know.

No Matter What, Keep Writing.



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