Hello Writers!

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on taking the first step…identifying yourself as a writer. But this realization is just the first step. Now, it is time to work on your stories. This is easier said than done.

Inspiration is everywhere though.

Write. One word can be enough. Motivate yourself to write one word at a time. You will see your story progress over time.


When you start writing, keep writing. Don’t get distracted. Don’t let the outside world get in the way of your dreams.

get writing pic.jpg

Before you fall asleep at night, ask yourself this question…


If you find yourself not doing anything (such as watching that episode of Friends for the twentieth time that you can quote word for word), you should remember your goal…


And always remember your story won’t grow unless you work on it.


I hope this helps. No Matter What, Keep Working on Your Stories! The World Needs Your Voice and Passion.

Wishing you the Best!


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