My Post (52).jpgHello Everyone!

This week has been so busy, yet super fun! In honor of WordsOnThePageAThon happening tomorrow, I’ve been holding livestreams on my YouTube channel, Books Are My Hart, all week.

On Tuesday, I was joined by the amazing Nicole aka Who Picked this Book to discuss our latest romantic read, “Show Me The Way.”

Part One

Part Two (Due to technological difficulties)

On Wednesday, Courtny aka Courtagonist (who I call the Queen of Cozy Mysteries) joined me to discuss starting your cozy mystery novel. If you are writing a cozy (or a mystery) be sure to check it out!

Starting Your Cozy Mystery Novel

Last night, the stunning Ryan Jones aka Biblio Virgo joined me to discuss staying focused while writing as well as her own writing journey. With her first book coming out, Ryan is a wealth of information and inspiration.

How to Focus on Your Writing

Today, I was at an academic conference (for a majority of the day), so doing a livestream this afternoon or evening would have been a little tricky, but I posted a new video talking about doing what is best for your story. I truly believe your stories matter and making them the best they can be is **really** important.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM EST over on my YouTube channel, Nicole and I will be holding a virtual write-in to try and help you get your words on the page.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been participating and will be writing tomorrow. You are all amazing. I hope you get your words on the page and truly make a dent in your writing journey.

Good luck tomorrow!

Stay Creative + Get Writing!






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