Hello Writers!

Have you written today?

Are you a morning writer? Full-time writer? Evening writer? Weekend writer?

As long as you make time to write, you are a writer. Getting your words on the page, no matter the day or time, makes you a writer.

With that being said, you need to figure out when you are most productive. Are you most alert in the morning when you first wake up? Does your creativity flourish when the sun goes down? It is not only about getting your words written, but getting them done well and right. If you are a new writer, try different times on different days and see what works best. Don’t just assume you know what will work. I say, “Well, write,” this because writing is different than school work, researching, housework, etc. Knowing when you are productive versus being a good writer matters. Get to know yourself. Then, your words will always be on the page.

Stay kind + creative & make today a great reading + writing day!



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