Today is a day of writing! Whether you write one page or twenty, you are making progress in your story. Make your book a reality and get writing!đź“–

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Over on Instagram, I thought I would share a picture of my library as a way to kick off the writeathon. You can and will write your book. And someday it will be on someone’s bookshelf. Visualize. Then make it happen.

I want to read your book in the very near future and add it to my library. Imagine your book in someone’s library. Now get writing and make that dream a reality!


Virtual Write-In

At 2:00 PM EST, myself and @whopickedthisbook will be co-hosting a virtual write-in over on my YouTube channel, Books Are My Hart.

We will be having some writing sprints and offer some writing prompts to help keep you creative! If you can, be sure to join the writing fun!đź“–

No matter the platform, I’ve got you covered with some writing goodness. I will be posting all day today on the WordsOnThePageAThon Twitter: @WordsOnThePage. I have quotes, prompts, sprints and more to keep you inspired and writing! I will also be posting all day on my Instagram (live videos). I want you to keep writing and help you get your stories done.

If you plan on participating in the writeathon, be sure to use the hashtag: #wordsonthepageathon! I want to see your writing progress, so please keep me posted.

Good luck writing! Make your dreams a reality and write that book!



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